Meet Heidi

Heidi Seevers Gansert and her family have called Nevada home for four generations. She has proudly raised her four children here and is invested in our state’s future.

Heidi earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno and Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Santa Clara University.

Prior to serving in public office, Heidi led a successful 20-year career in the private sector, including as a resource planning engineer and a medical practice management consultant.

Heidi began her work in the public sector when she was elected to the state assembly in 2004. She went on to become the first female Republican leader in the history of Nevada’s legislature. In 2010, she joined Governor Brian Sandoval’s administration as his first Chief of Staff. Heidi served in these leadership positions during the recession and during Nevada’s recovery. Heidi has always fought for accountable, transparent and fiscally responsible government.

Keeping Our Children Safe

Stop Passing the Trash

Heidi passed legislation that created a dual reporting system for allegations of abuse in schools and transparency so parents and guardians have access to substantiated reports of abuse. The landmark policy combats the “Passing the Trash” phenomenon in which abusive school personnel move from school district to school district to continue their behavior without consequences.

SafeVoice Early Warning System Implemented Across Nevada K-12 Schools

SafeVoice is a critical K-12 early warning system in Nevada’s K-12 schools. As a champion for school safety, Heidi passed legislation implementing the state-wide K-12 SafeVoice system that provides an easy text message-based mechanism for any student or person to report dangerous, violent, or unlawful activity being conducted or threatened at school or school activity. During its first year, Safe Voice received over 6,000 tips including over 1,000 messages related to suicide, self-harm and threats to other students.

Improving Education

Heidi supports efforts to make sure every student has access to an education that best meets their needs. She has supported increased funding for K-12 schools with accountability and for capital investment to improve and expand Washoe County schools.

Heidi cares deeply about children with disabilities and passed legislation to give parents and guardians more say in their child’s individual education plan (IEP). She’s worked to make sure they can graduate with skills and a diploma that prepares them for their next step. She’s also passed legislation to create more access to services for children with disabilities.

Additionally, Heidi supported bills to improve access and transparency in our healthcare system.