On the Issues

Economy and Jobs

As Chief of Staff for Governor Brian Sandoval, Heidi helped redesign and strengthen economic development efforts in Nevada. She will continue to advocate for economic policies that generate jobs and economic opportunities for Nevada’s citizens.


Heidi supported the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights and protections for victims of sex trafficking.


Heidi is fighting for a strong education system that equips students with skill and a diploma to compete in a fast-paced, technology-driven economy.

Public Safety

Heidi passed legislation to make our communities safer by strengthening child luring statutes and requiring DNA testing of convicted felons. She also proposed legislation to ensure that when a criminal background check is run, statutorily required records on felonies, mental health adjudications and domestic violence convictions are available and accurate. The bill would have placed a needed check on the system to ensure effective background checks.


Heidi supported legislation to make sure pre-existing conditions were covered. She also passed legislation to increase behavioral health services for Nevadans and has advocated for a modern and effective mental health system.